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I would like to generate view

ABC INC   1            A=XYX, B=ZZZ
DEF CO    2            A=XYX, B=ZZZ, C=WWW
GHI LLC   3            B=ZYX

Would like the view to be something like

ABC INC   1            XYX  ZZZ
DEF CO    2            XYX  ZZZ  WWW
GHI LLC   3                 ZYX

I was wondering if there is way to do this in oracle is fast and efficient way. I know it can might be done with PLSQL or with some logic. Concern here is mainly performance as I need to pull data every 10 minutes from tables that have enormous amounts of data and don't want the view query to take more than that.

Any ideas or suggestions?



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is there always just A, B and C ? if so, use substr and instr

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As Matthew says it's really just a simple matter of string functions to isolate those values, but if you expect to be able to query the view with predicates such as B=XYZ then you're going to have to look into adding function-based indexes on the underlying tables.

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