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I have the following folder structure, and I would like for svn to ignore all eclipse files (.classpath and .project and .settings) in sub-projects


Is there any way of configuring the .svn in the "main-project" to svn:ignore **/**.classpath?

So i dont have to edit it in every single sub-folder?


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See the related SO question How can I recursively configure svn status to hide ignored files. –  Bilal Jul 29 '11 at 20:32

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I believe the answer I was looking for is:

vim ~/.subversion/config

scroll down to 'global-ingores':

global-ignores = *.classpath

The answer came from here:

How can I recursively configure svn status to hide ignored files?

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Use the --recursive (-R) flag on svn propset and set the svn:ignore so that it is applied recursively to every sub-folder:

svn propset svn:ignore -R <mask> <directory or . for current>


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