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I've got a program that's written in C, built using automake/autoconf, and has two test suites. One is a unit test suite also written in C; the other is end-to-end and is (currently) written in Python. I want "make check" to run the unit tests always, and the end-to-end tests only if Python is installed. This is what I have now:

TESTS = unittests
tester_py_SOURCES = src/test/ src/test/ Makefile
        $(SED) -e 's,[@]PYTHON[@],$(PYTHON),' < $< > $@
        chmod +x $@

HAVE_PYTHON is set by the configure script with

AM_PATH_PYTHON([2.6],, [:])

This works correctly on Unix, but blows up with "no rule to make" on Windows. Also, the copy-and-substitute technique for getting the #! line right means I can't break up the test suite into multiple modules.

Is there a better way to do this?

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You must use _SOURCES for compiled things only, so that's why it'a adding $(EXEEXT). Try this:

TESTS = unittests
# Possibly use += here depending on the rest of your
check_SCRIPTS =
# I added $(srcdir) here so VPATH builds still work. $(srcdir)/src/test/ Makefile
        $(SED) -e 's,[@]PYTHON[@],$(PYTHON),' < $< > $@
        chmod +x $@

Is there any reason you don't just do the substitution via

AS_IF([test "$PYTHON" != ":"], [AC_CONFIG_FILES([src/test/])])

This will remake the script using config.status and autogenerate rebuild rules.


If what you really want to do is run the python tester script as part of make check, I'd do this:

        $(PYTHON) $(srcdir)/src/test/

(I put the check-local outside the if HAVE_PYTHON so that you can define other commands to run as part of check-local, if needed.)

You might prefer writing this, instead:

        test "$(PYTHON)" != ":" && $(PYTHON) $(srcdir)/src/test/

See extending in the automake manual.

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check_SCRIPTS, of course, I shoulda thought of that. As for the other, I thought you couldn't put AC_CONFIG_FILES inside an AS_IF, but anyway that wouldn't solve the problem of having to put everything in one giant file contra proper Python style. What I really want here is a way to get the check-TESTS target to run '$(PYTHON) $(srcdir)/src/test/' instead of just './'. (I may eventually give up and do a wrapper script, but I'm avoiding that because then I have to deal with more Windows crap.) – zwol Jul 30 '11 at 17:52
@Zack: Check my edit, I think it does what you want. – Jack Kelly Jul 31 '11 at 3:38
Yep, check-local seems to be the way to go. Thanks. – zwol Aug 16 '11 at 17:25

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