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My page has a div where the content is written by a PHP script.

 <div id="feastsaint"> <!-- Feast or Saint of the day -->

        if(isset($_COOKIE["datetoday"])) {
           echo $_COOKIE["datetoday"];

        if(isset($_COOKIE["month"]) and isset($_COOKIE["day"]) and isset($_COOKIE["year"])) { 
          $showfeast = file_get_contents('http://feed.evangelizo.org/reader.php?date='.$_COOKIE["year"].$_COOKIE["month"].$_COOKIE["day"].'&type=feast&lang=AM');
          $showliturt = file_get_contents('http://feed.evangelizo.org/reader.php?date='.$_COOKIE["year"].$_COOKIE["month"].$_COOKIE["day"].'&type=liturgic_t&lang=AM');
          $showsaints = file_get_contents('http://feed.evangelizo.org/reader.php?date='.$_COOKIE["year"].$_COOKIE["month"].$_COOKIE["day"].'&type=saint&lang=AM');
          if ( !empty($showfeast) ) {
            echo ' - '.$showfeast;
          else if ( !empty($showliturt) ) {

            $stlit = strpos($showliturt, 'of the');
            if ( $stlit ) {
               $trunclitur = substr($showliturt, $stlit+7);
               echo ' - '.$trunclitur;
            else {
              $stlits = strpos($showliturt, 'aint');
              if ( $stlits ) {
              else {
               echo ' - '.$showliturt;



          if ( !empty($showsaints) ) {
            echo ' - '.$showsaints;

        $widfeast = strlen($showfeast);

        $widlitur = strlen($trunclitur);

        $widsaint = strlen($showsaints);

        $widtha = $widfeast + $widsaint;

        $widthb = $widlitur + $widsaint;

        if ($widtha > 240 || $widthb > 240) {
          echo '<span>'.$showsaints.'</span>';

 </div> <!-- End Feast or Saint of the day -->

How do I tell the HTML page to reload this div after midnight of the current date? The problem is that the information shown is outdated the first few times I open the page the next day. Then it has the current information. I store the date in cookies, then with the date I get the other information. If I make the cookies expire too quickly, then I end up with no information at all. So I want to try to refresh the div automatically.

How do I make a jquery call to reload the div every few hours, with the PHP script shown?

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The PHP script is irrelavant. What you want to happen is on the client, not the server. –  Diodeus Jul 29 '11 at 20:52

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The PHP code is actually not relevant. The jQuery load() function will load the resulting HTML from any PHP page into a specified div


This code will re-load the content into the div every 3,600,000 milliseconds (or every hour)

}, 3600000);
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agreed, but how does this help the OP schedule the load? –  kaveman Jul 29 '11 at 20:51
See update. Must have cross-posted. –  Dutchie432 Jul 29 '11 at 20:54

You need to set the number of milliseconds until midnight.

window.setTimeout(function() {
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the OP asked How do I make a jquery call to reload the div every few hours - While your solution is probably better, it doesn't really answer the question. –  Dutchie432 Jul 29 '11 at 20:55
OK, looks like setinterval is the way to request a reload. I added to my code and will update on whether this fixes the problem. –  user823527 Jul 29 '11 at 22:22
Yes, setinterval, Dutchie432's suggestion worked. –  user823527 Aug 1 '11 at 20:47

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