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When I run the sql script to export data out of mysql database, using command line, I get the above error. The sql query works fine when run in myphpadmin, but just when run from command line throws an error.

Here is the command line I am using:

cat my_export | mysql -uxyzuser -pabcpassword mydb > export072911.txt

===== The code in my_export is as follows:

SELECT CONCAT( custfirstname, ' ', custlastname ) AS fullname, custcompany, \
SPACE( 10 ) AS custtitle, custaddressone, custaddresstwo, custcity, custstate, \
custzip, SPACE( 10 ) AS dummy, custphone, SPACE( 10 ) AS custfax, custemail, \
event_id, SPACE( 10 ) AS ticket1, SPACE( 10 ) AS ticket2, \
SPACE( 10 ) AS ticket3, SPACE( 10 ) AS ticket4, orderdate, b.quantity, \
FROM order_master a \
LEFT JOIN order_detail b ON b.order_master_id = a.id \
LEFT JOIN customer c ON c.email = a.custemail \
WHERE a.orderdate > '2010-12-01'\
AND a.event_id = '30' \
AND a.orderstatus = 'O' \
AND b.litype = 'ITEM' \
AND b.reftag = 'PKG' \
ORDER BY a.orderdate DESC;


Please advise if I am missing something here.


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You can safely delete all the backslashes and use input redirection rather than piping. The backslashes are needed if you are working with the SQL as a shell variable, but not for piping or redirection.

mysql -uxyzuser -pabcpassword mydb < my_export > export072911.txt

UPDATE After a quick test of my own, it looks like the pipe works just as well as input redirection as long as the backslashes are removed.

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Think about how you do this on a command line (inside of a mysql tool for example). You can type/press enter/type/press enter/etc and, until you insert the command terminator ; the command line just takes the data. The same is true for the redirect :) –  KevinDTimm Jul 29 '11 at 21:11
Cool, that worked. Thanks a lot Michael and KevinDTimm. –  newbie Aug 1 '11 at 15:10

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