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I have this layout

enter image description here

Inside the side columns, col2 and col3, I have a div inside, each being a holder. I need to fill those holders with other divs of different sizes without overflowing vertically the holders. So i need to calculate how many divs i can put in until there's no more space or when the next div is going to overflow the holder.

How can I tackle this?

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Ordinarily, it's common practice to allow columns like this to expand downward as far as they need to, as long as doing so doesn't break the layout. Do you have a live demo we could look at? –  Will Martin Jul 29 '11 at 20:54

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You need to compare the width of the div to the scrollwidth of its container. If the scrollwidth is bigger than the width, you're overflowing.

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You could use some javascript to get the height of the divs, then work from there. Or add an overflow css property (with a set height) so that the inner content will never stretch the outer div.

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