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Have a List bound as the itemssource for a grid. MyObject has properties that are in turn bound as the individual column bindings:

                <data:DataGrid x:Name="MyGrid" ItemsSource="{ListOfMyObject}">
            <data:DataGridTextColumn Header="FOO" Binding="{Binding Foo}"  IsReadOnly="True" />
            <data:DataGridTextColumn Header="BAR" Binding="{Binding Bar}" IsReadOnly="True" />

The class has properties Foo and Bar that get assigned from another property's data. This property is a large set of data that is accessible by an indexer (essentially acts as a collection):

public class MyClass
    public string Foo;
    public string Bar;

    public MainData Lots;

I need to be able to dynamically add columns to the grid from MainData, like MainData[217]. I've played around with this idea but can't seem to tweak it correctly. Any pointers?

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Wasn't thinking clearly enough apparently.

Following the premise linked in the orignal post, I've added a separate List of IDs. Rather than attempting to spin through the source data and add columns, I spin through this list. These IDs in turn look up other values, e.g. header text, from a data dictionary and pass the ID (which serves as my indexer noted above) to the converter.

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