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I have just got a Macbook Pro, but one without an optical drive (it has been swapped with an SSD). There's currently only a screwed up OSX Lion install on it (I can't do anything with it other than boot into Recovery. In Recovery, choosing "Reinstall Lion" brings up a "Can't find Lion" error). I have a retail copy of Snow Leopard with me, but no optical drive on the Mac to install it from.

What I do have is a Dell laptop with a functioning DVD drive on it. I'm able to read the SL disk on it, but the Apple-provided software on the SL DVD which is supposed to make the drive available to the Mac over Ethernet doesn't "just work"; in fact, it doesn't work as advertised at all.

I have an Ubuntu installation on the Dell, and I've managed to create an ISO of the DVD. However, I can't seem to get this written to the external USB drive that I have, and can't seem to get the Mac to boot from it even if I do (I held down Alt while booting the MBP, but didn't see the USB disk as an option).

I don't want to buy an external optical drive just for the install, nor do I know someone nearby who may be willing to lend me one for a few hours. Can anyone help me get started with my SL installation please?

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You could try the following

Make a iso of SL. Then in Ubuntu Terminal

hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o ~/path/to/osx.img ~/path/to/osx.iso)

Where osx.iso is the SL ISO and osx.img is the location you would like to put it.

diskutil list

Insert the usb then run the last command to see which device node is assigned to your USB

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskN

replace N with the disk number from the last command

sudo dd if=/path/to/downloaded.img of=/dev/rdiskN bs=1m

replace /path/to/downloaded.img with the path where the image file is located

diskutil eject /dev/diskN

Then when this command finishes, eject the USB and restart your mac using alt. This should work although I can't guarantee anything.

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hdiutil and diskutil are Mac OS X programs, not in Ubuntu. –  Ned Deily Jul 29 '11 at 23:30

If you boot from the Recovery partition, you should be able to open the provided Disk Utility application and then you may be able to mount the USB drive and launch the SL Installer from it.

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Thanks people. I finally did this: Formatted and partitioned the external disk to use GPT with Journalling on the two partitions that I created. Then used the Disk Utility to restore the ISO image I'd dd-ed from Ubuntu on to the USB drive's first partition. Then selected it as the boot disk and then restarted the Mac to start the installation. Phew! –  JamieJag Aug 1 '11 at 10:08

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