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I personally keep all lines under 80 characters, but I also work on projects in teams where other programmers don't care about line length.

I love using whitespace-mode, but the long line visualization is really annoying when I'm working on projects where I shouldn't interfere with the long lines. It seems like it should be easy to turn off the long line visualization---I hit m-x global-whitespace-toggle-options l, and then can hit m-x global-whitespace-toggel-options ? to confirm that the "long-line visualization" is turned off. But long lines are still highlighted. I kill buffers and reload them, and highlighting is still there. I'm definitely using global, not local, whitespace-mode.

Why can't I turn off the long line visualization?

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Without wanting to sound like Roy from "The I.T. Crowd", have you tried turning white-space-mode off and on again in your buffer after toggling the global options? –  sanityinc Jul 30 '11 at 8:28

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The last time I customized whitespace-mode, I noticed that my changes to the settings didn't have any effect in buffers that already existed; try recreating the buffer, or leaving and reentering whitespace-mode. In case you don't already know, you can use M-x customize-group whitespace to turn off that particular option entirely, rather than doing it manually.

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Note that you can turn off the long-line "validation" by customizing the "Whitespace style" setting, and removing line-tail or similar. –  duma May 6 '13 at 16:51

Set whitespace-line-column to a higher value (default is 80), so the highlighting of long lines doesn't kick in:

(setq whitespace-line-column 250)

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why use a hack when you can just toggle it off? –  Eugene Beresovksy Aug 30 '13 at 9:09

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