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I have a function that returns an array of named values ['upper','lower','chosen']. To read the upper value, I do this

$returned = myfunction($input1, $input2);
$upper = $returned['upper'];

Is there any way to get it all done in 1 line, maybe like this, but this syntax doesn't work. Any other way?

$upper = myfunction($input1, $input2)['upper'];
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You could always upgrade to PHP 5.4 which adds array dereferencing support. – cspray Jul 30 '11 at 2:10
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You can do something like:

 list ($upper, $lower, $chosen) = myfunction($input1, $input2);
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Your function could return an object instead of an array. Then you could do something like this :

class myObject {
    public $upper;
    public $lower;
    public $chosen;

$upper = myFunction($input1,$input2)->upper;
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If upper is always the first element, you can use array_shift():

$returned = array_shift(myfunction($input1, $input2));
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If you want to deference the array after a function call, I don't think it is possible in older versions.

I found this:

From this discussion: Access array element from function call in php

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