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I'm reading the play tutorial and to spice things up a little bit I decided to use @CRUD.For instead of using the default model name pluralized. The problem is that I'm trying to override the template of that model and, using @CRUD.For, it just doesn't seem to work. However, when I use the default name it just works...

I have:
1) Model in
2) Admin class extending CRUD annotated with @CRUD.For(Comment.class)
3) I have the file
4) I'm using the command:
play crud:ov --template AdminComments/list

Then I check the admin area and nothing... As I said, when I use the default name Comments it works.

Thanks in advance.

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From reading the information on CRUD.For on the play documentation, I can't see that you are doing anything wrong. I assume that when you say you have the file app/views/AdminComments/list you actually mean app/views/AdminComments/list.html, if not then that is likely to be your problem.

Also, you have stated that you use play crud:ov --template, leaving this last in your list. This command creates a new file in your views area, based on the template, so that you may override it to work the way you wish. I would suggest going through it in the right order, which is

  1. Create your model class
  2. Create your CRUD class, with the CRUD.For annotation. Making sure you import models.Comment
  3. run play command play crud:ov --template AdminComments/list
  4. Edit the generated template, in app/views/AdminComments/list.html
  5. Make sure AdminComments.java is inside app/controllers and that your list.thml is in app/views/AdminComments
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yesm It was a list.html. I'm goint to try it again and will give you a feedback in a sec. –  wleao Jul 30 '11 at 12:54
Ok... I've found the problem. The problem is that my AdminComments class is inside a sub-package called admin (controllers.admin) and, I believe, the structure in the views should have been admin/AdminComments/list.html, however, play crud:ov doesn't recognize that structure, it tries to go with admin/AdminComments.html, which obviously doesn't exist. –  wleao Jul 30 '11 at 13:03
yes, it is usually best to keep your controllers in the controllers package, and not a sub-package –  Codemwnci Jul 30 '11 at 13:16
also, can you check it, I don't know whether it should be reported as a bug or it should be considered as a "feature" –  wleao Jul 30 '11 at 13:16
I think it should be raised as a bug, because it does not say explicitly in the documentation that this is not allowed. –  Codemwnci Jul 30 '11 at 13:20

Your AdminComments class is inside a sub-package admin (controllers.admin) and not directly inside the controllers package. So you will have to create a folder named admin inside your views directory and move the generated file app/views/AdminComments/list.html into this directory. Now the file path will be app/views/admin/AdminComments/list.html.

This worked for me. However the crud:ov command should handle this by itself.

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