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Item NVARCHAR(200)
Hidden BIT

I need to load all the items from MyTable in a DropDownList in such format: Item (Hidden)

This how my list would look like:

Table (Hidden)
Box (Hidden)

N.B: I've reached in my search to this SQL entry:

SELECT        ID, Item + '(' + CAST(Hidden AS NVARCHAR(200)) + ')' AS Conct
FROM            Items

Which Returns Item(0) or Item(1)

..I can't think of a simple way to use for my purpose but I thought I'd change the Hidden column to NVARCHAR and store hidden or blank in it .. or maybe add another column that stores the word 'Hidden' for any '1' in the Hidden (BIT) column. What do you think guys ?

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You can use the CASE statement:

       Item + (CASE Hidden WHEN 1 THEN ' (Hidden)' ELSE '' END) AS Conct
FROM Items
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The first answer (Y) .. Perfectly Simple THANKS! =D –  lKashef Jul 30 '11 at 3:04

You could do a CASE:

SELECT ID, Item + (CASE Hidden
                             WHEN 1 THEN '(Hidden)'
                             ELSE ''
                        END) AS Conct
FROM   Items

Adding another column for the word 'Hidden' when Hidden is 1 would be redundant.

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SUPER PERFECT Thanks Tim (Y) +1 –  lKashef Jul 30 '11 at 3:04

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