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I would love to have a means to restrict read/write access to a Redis server to a select list of clients. For this purpose AUTH and passwords would not be sufficient. The purpose would be to allow a large number of readers on one side of a Redis server or cluster to fetch/get values while only allowing a smaller number of systems to post new data thereto.

Does anyone know of a set of patches to do this? Perhaps some "undocumented" or obscure configuration option? An alternative to Redis which provides similar data structures, operations and synchronization/atomicity features but also offers this?

What would be the best way to suggest this as an enhancement request to Salvatore?

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webdis - 'A fast HTTP interface for Redis' - supports access control. It provides a REST/JSON API to redis and supports per-command access control by http auth or IP range.


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Redis is all about simplicity so I doubt such a prominent feature would be undocumented. If you want to contribute, checkout the community page. It's worth a try, but they are very clear that they want to keep Redis simple and that you will find resistance to new features.

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