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Does anyone know of an easy way to switch Eclipse into a reverse display without having to manually change all the color settings, similar to Emacs --reverse-video?

Addendum: I encountered a few more interesting articles around this topic. Nothing for Eclipse though.

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what exactly do you mean with reverse? Just make the light parts dark and vice versa or change the colors too like in negative / positive iamges. – lothar Apr 6 '09 at 0:01

Probably easiest to use someone else's preferences and import then modify them, I'm not aware of a way other than to manually configure the colours - it would be nice if it shipped with pre-defined themes. (note: I'm still on Europa)

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Or: use a window manager that supports that. I use eclipse on linux, wm=compiz

Inversion is always a mere +N (aka. Windows+N) away

Now, I bet there are equivalents in windows (why not?)

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Not really but try installing Eclipse Color Theme for easy theme editing

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