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Is it possible to have a sub-class with the same class


Class user{
    var $name,$age,$gender,$freinds_list;
    function get_name(){

    function get_friends(){
         foreach($users_from_db as $uid=>$data){
         $this->friends_list[] = new user($data);    //The problem is here

    function print_all_friends_name(){
          foreach($this->friends_list as $user_obj){
                  echo $user_obj->get_name;

E.g. a user's friend's list which contains a many users

a file_folder class which its children will contain many file_folders

What is the correct way to define such class within class structure?

I have no problem in sub-classing if the classes are different...e.g. Class 'car' with subclass 'tires', but ran into problem if I adding same class into that class

========================================================================= added

class alias{
function get_folders($fup=null){
    global $USER,$tt;       

    $fup = $fup? $fup : $this->aid;
    $k = array('fup','type');
    $v = array($fup,1);
    $res = $tt->services['folder_files']->search($k,$v);
    $folder_list = array_keys($res);

    foreach($res as $aid=>$v){
        echo "-ff-";    
        $this->children[$aid]= new alias($aid,$v);  //Problem line
    return $folder_list;    

This is my actual code, i am having class alias inside a class alias, and assign into array $this->children;

Say I have length of 2 in my $res loop, what I expected output is


But it only appears


However, if I comment out the Problem line, the loop is working as expected, outputing


any thoughts?

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The line foreach($users_from_db as $uid=>$data){ has an opening brace but no closing one, is that a typo? – Re0sless Jul 30 '11 at 8:06
I don't see why this should cause any trouble. Maybe it would be easier to help you if you were more precise about the nature of the problem you ran into. Btw your code looks very PHP4ish... – wonk0 Jul 30 '11 at 8:06
That's perfectly possible. What's "the problem" with this code? – deceze Jul 30 '11 at 8:07
i have edited the post to show more code and the problem, thanks for helping out – samfriend Jul 30 '11 at 8:23
Global keyword has no use in OOP. It breaks encapsulation. Use Dependency Injection. Also, do yourself a favor and write code that you will still understand in three months. fup, k, v, res and tt make no sense and leave people guessing what they contain. If you want to fix whatever bug you get there, read SOLID, watch the Clean Code Talks, and then rewrite that code. – Gordon Jul 30 '11 at 8:31

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