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I'm trying to split multiple joined words and I've a perl script I've grabbed from How can I split multiple joined words?

The script outputs multiple options but I just need the last, normally the correct one, what should I change in the script to achieve this ?


use strict;

my $WORD_FILE = 'dic_master'; #Change as needed
my %words; # Hash of words in dictionary

# Open dictionary, load words into hash
open(WORDS, $WORD_FILE) or die "Failed to open dictionary: $!\n";
while (<WORDS>) {
  $words{lc($_)} = 1;

# Read one line at a time from stdin, break into words
while (<>) {
  my @words;

sub find_words {
  # Print every way $string can be parsed into whole words
  my $string = shift;
  my @words = @_;
  my $length = length $string;

  foreach my $i ( 1 .. $length ) {
    my $word = substr $string, 0, $i;
    my $remainder = substr $string, $i, $length - $i;
    # Some dictionaries contain each letter as a word
    next if ($i == 1 && ($word ne "a" && $word ne "i"));

    if (defined($words{$word})) {
      push @words, $word;
      if ($remainder eq "") {
        print join(' ', @words), "\n";
      } else {
        find_words($remainder, @words);
      pop @words;


Thanks !

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the question is not easily understandable. could you describe what the script produces and what do you want of it? –  sergio Jul 30 '11 at 9:26
the script receives an argument, ex: "bemyguest" and split it into words base on a dictionary: be my gu est / be my gue st / be my guest / I just want it to output the last one. –  Pedro Lobito Jul 30 '11 at 9:54

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Simply replace print in find_words with an assignment into variable and print it after the for loop ends.

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bvr's answer will address the immediate needs of the problem.

A recommendation is to use exists instead of defined to check if the string is present in the dictionary. This will ensure that non-words such as 'bemyg' will never become keys in the dictionary hash.

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