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Imagine there are 20 types of objects.

What fast methods exist to detect which objects collide now in Box2d?

A scan with switch/if is not fast enough.

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i have used scan with if(with the tags of sprite) and it seams nice, what's the problem? –  rptwsthi Jul 30 '11 at 10:39
If only 20 types: if(sprite.tag == kTag1) { ...} if(sprite.tag == kTag2) {...} .........if (sprite.tag = ktag20) {...} 20 times if(sprite.tag == kTagX)! And to reach up to kTag20 needed to pass previous 19 "if". –  Sixva Jul 30 '11 at 11:16

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The best way to keep an updated list of which objects are currently colliding with each other is to use the BeginContact/EndContact events to update the list - typically each object would store such a list so it can access whatever it's touching efficiently. If you really think it's a problem to check the tags of the other objects in this list, you could have more than one list, eg. you could keep all touching objects of kTag1 in a list by themselves.

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