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I am using simpldb and am trying to save rahul' mehta in simpledb but it is giving me error below : Code :

   function htmlEscape(text) {
     return text.replace(/&/g,'&').

  if (params.filename!=undefined) params.filename=htmlEscape(params.filename);
  sdb.putItem(domain, params.objectid, params, function( error ) {

Output :

rahul' mehta

  filename: 'rahul&#039; mehta',

Error :

   {"event":"error","errno":"InvalidQueryExpression","message":"The specified query expression syntax is not valid.","queueno":7}

Why this error is coming , how can i solve it ?

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This error is because you are trying to run Amazon SimpleDB SELECT Query and syntax of that query is wrong. This may be because in query -- Attribute Value -- must be unclosed with single quote**s i.e. 'Attribute Value', and again if -- **Domain Name -- and -- Attribute Name -- contains any special characters then they must be unclosed with acute i.e Domain Name OR Attribute Name. I think you are able to save rahul' mehta but when you are trying to get that saved attribute-value, you are getting this error. There is nothing wrong this with string you can see it has been saved successfully using SDB Explorer http://www.sdbexplorer.com/

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Right , Thanks for answer. –  XMen Aug 5 '11 at 11:00

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