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I have a code that grabs the buttons click and then vanishes the actual content and makes the content of the clicked item appear. I have it running along with other thins in an init.js file that is I have:

$(function() {
    	'hideOnContentClick': false,
    	'frameWidth': 600,
    	'frameHeight': 550,
    	'centerOnScroll': true

    		header: 'H2.drawer-handle',
    		selectedClass: 'open',
    		event: 'mouseover'

    	$("#about-button").css({ opacity: 0.3  });
    	$("#contact-button").css({ opacity: 0.3 });
    	$("#page-wrap div.button").click(function(){
    		clicked = $(this);
    		// if the button is not already "transformed" AND is not animated
    		if ((clicked.css("opacity") != "1") && (clicked.is(":not(animated)"))) {
    				opacity: 1,
    				borderWidth: 5
    			}, 600 );
    			// each button div MUST have a "xx-button" and the target div must have an id "xx" 
    			var idToLoad = clicked.attr("id").split('-');
    			//we search trough the content for the visible div and we fade it out
    			$("#menu-content").find("div:visible").fadeOut("fast", function(){
    				//once the fade out is completed, we start to fade in the right div
    		//we reset the other buttons to default style
    			opacity: 0.5,
    			borderWidth: 1
    		}, 600 );

but only the 2nd $(function() is the one that executes during this event. The HTML code that answers to this is:

<div id="page-wrap"> 
            <div id="festival-button" class="button">
                <h2 class="header-ultimo-festival">&Uacute;timo Festival</h2>
            <div id="cursos-button" class="button">
                <h2 class="header-cursos">Cursos del A&ntilde;o</h2>
            <div id="viajes-button" class="button">
                <h2 class="header-viajes">Viajes del A&ntilde;o</h2>

            <div class="clear"></div>

            <div id="menu-content"> 
                <div id="festival">
                        <a href="assets/img/varias/album/festival/plant1.jpg" title="Imagen 1" class="thickbox" rel="ultimo-festival">
                            <img src="assets/img/varias/album/festival/plant1_t.jpg" alt="Imagen 1" />
    					<a href="assets/img/varias/album/festival/plant2.jpg" title="Imagen 2" class="thickbox" rel="ultimo-festival">
    						<img src="assets/img/varias/album/festival/plant2_t.jpg" alt="Imagen 2" />
    					<a href="assets/img/varias/album/festival/plant3.jpg" title="Imagen 3" class="thickbox" rel="ultimo-festival">
                            <img src="assets/img/varias/album/festival/plant3_t.jpg" alt="Imagen 3" />
    					<a href="assets/img/varias/album/festival/plant4.jpg" title="Imagen 4" class="thickbox" rel="ultimo-festival">
                            <img src="assets/img/varias/album/festival/plant4_t.jpg" alt="Imagen 4" />

                <div id="cursos">
                    <p>Im&aacute;genes de Cursos aqu&iacute;</p>

                <div id="viajes">
                    <p>Im&aacute;genes de Viajes aqu&iacute;</p>   

The issue is, when someone clicks on a link from my menu and activates the "fancybox" effect and afterwards tries to click on an item related to the 2nd $(function() event I get this error:

$clicked.css is not a function (?)()()album.html (ligne 24) ready()()jquery.min.js (ligne 26) trigger()()jquery.min.js (ligne 25) [Break on this error] if (($clicked.css("opacity") != "1") && ($clicked.is(":not(animated)"))) {

But I still don't know why...I have tried to fix it but I can't because according to me I have correct syntax =/

Edit 2 answer

I did what was suggested if I click it before calling the "fancybox" effect I get in the alert box an [object Object] afterwards I get [object HTMLDivElement] and the same error as well...


By using firebug and console.log(); I noticed something, if I click before calling the "fancybox" I get back:

Object 0=div#cursos-button.button length=1 jquery=1.2.6

But after having called it I get:

<div id="cursos-button" class="button" style="border-width: 1px; opacity: 0.5;">

Now trying to figure out why...


I still don't know why this happens however I fixed it using jQuery.noConflict(); anyway, if someone do knows why this happened, I'd appreciate if you tell me =)

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To start:

1 - Try putting the two anonymous functions inside the $(document).ready()

2 - Get rid of the $ prefix on your $clicked variable, that could be confusing jQuery - But before you change the prefix, do an alert($clicked) after this line:

$clicked = $(this);
alert($clicked); //to see if it's an object or null

Let us know what happens

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even with the alert after removing the $ I get that error...the thing actually is that the script won't execute again after having called the "fancybox" –  Tsundoku Mar 27 '09 at 2:47
Did you move the functions into the $(document).ready()? –  karim79 Mar 27 '09 at 2:55
yes I did moved them –  Tsundoku Mar 27 '09 at 2:57

I don't understand the purpose of your 2

$(function () {

that appear inside your document ready handler. That idiom is shorthand for

$(document).ready(function () {

So - do you really mean to wrap more document ready handlers inside your outer document ready handler ?

PS: naming a javascript variable with a $ prefix is perfectly legal, will NOT confuse jQuery, and is in fact recommended for holding jQuery objects

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I removed them (I had originally 3 separate functions that's why) still I get the error. now I just have 1 $(function() {}); –  Tsundoku Mar 27 '09 at 3:17
I wasn't sure about the $variable thing, thanks for clarifying that. –  karim79 Mar 27 '09 at 12:24

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