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Is it possible, using wxWidgets and C++, to create an application that will show on the desktop? What I mean, is that it would only display on the desktop, like Geektools, Rainmeter, etc.

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Not out of the box.

You could try to get the HWND of the Desktop and create your own control in wxWidgets by deriving a class from wxControl or wxWindow and do the Drawing yourself. It is not that hard to do it :). You could even use wxHTMLWindow or wxWebConnect (3rdParty, based on Webkit) for that.

See GetDesktopWindow() for that:


Assuming you are on Windows. You have to check for your WindowManagers Documentation on Linux yourself though. If you are using KDE, I would suggest to use QT directly or the KDE API. Same for Gnome.

It would be easier to use the corresponding os/windowmanager api for that though.

Hope that helps.

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read page 61-62 in book Cross-Platform GUI Programming with wxWidgets

section "Non-Rectangular Frames"

hope it is what you mean

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I think he means desktop widgets like win7 has them and linux. –  user852830 Jul 30 '11 at 16:08
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