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I have to List of Data :

List<string[]> dataRow = new List<string[]>();
  1. every string[] array are full with 30 data for each row.
  2. Column Name are already exists.

I'm trying to display it like this :


<DataGrid Margin="8,259,8,8" IsReadOnly="True" AutoGenerateColumns="False" AlternatingRowBackground="Gainsboro"  AlternationCount="2" Name="MyDataGrid" />

C# :

MyDataGrid.ItemsSource = dataRow;

foreach( string[] cellContent in dataRow )
  foreach( string text in cellContent )
    var column = new DataGridTextColumn
      Binding = new Binding(text)

but i got a "ContextSwitchDeadlock" Error. How can i solve this?

Thank u for Helping

EDIT : solved but not with the databinding Way

I solved it like this :

List<string> ColumnName = new List<string>();
List<string[]> dataRow = new List<string[]>();
DataTable myTable = new DataTable();

 // Fill Array ColumnName and dataRow Here

foreach (string text in ColumnName)
foreach (string[] cellContent in dataRow)
DatensatzGrid.ItemsSource = myTable.AsDataView();

Thank u for all the reply!!

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what do you try to achieve with that line MyDataGrid.ItemsSource = MyDataGrid –  thumbmunkeys Jul 30 '11 at 11:10
Oh Sorry !! it is dataRow –  trouble Jul 30 '11 at 11:12
That is not databinding in your solution. –  Erno de Weerd Jul 30 '11 at 21:06
Okay! im not a profi but this work! can u explain ur mind? and with my solution can we translate it to databinding? Thank u –  trouble Jul 30 '11 at 21:19

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The DataGrid control doesn't support Binding to 2D arrays, List<List..>> etc.

See this question: How to populate a WPF grid based on a 2-dimensional array

I created a subclassed DataGrid (DataGrid2D) to achieve this a while back.

To use it just add a reference to DataGrid2DLibrary.dll, add this namespace


and then create a DataGrid2D and bind it to your IList, 2D array or 1D array like this

<dg2d:DataGrid2D Name="MyDataGrid"
                 ItemsSource2D="{Binding DataRow}"/>

Since dataRow is a field a not a property binding won't work, but just setting the ItemsSource2D in code behind will be enough to display it

MyDataGrid.ItemsSource2D = dataRow;
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