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I'm working on android app and trying to get created_time from facebook JSON. I was successful in that and I got it as 2011-07-14T12:28:52+0000 .

Now this should be converted into long format like 220200202932093

My challenge now is to convert that into long format.

This is because i have planned to get relative time using getRelativeTimeSpanString in android.

Please help me to convert String formatted time from JSON object to long format

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String exampleDateString = "2011-07-14T12:28:52+0000";
    long timeMillis = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss+SSSS")
} catch (Exception e) {
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Ya your solution worked..... Thanks scessor – shanmugam Jul 30 '11 at 14:46

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