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I'm new to .net programming. please can anyone assist me on any .net based simple http server code to implement on my application.

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why did this question get downvoted? – citykid Feb 17 '12 at 23:04
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I wrote this simple c# class to serve given folder, it is using System.Net.HttpListener Class.

Here is the code


string myFolder = @"C:\folderpath\to\serve";
SimpleHTTPServer myServer;

//create server with auto assigned port
myServer = new SimpleHTTPServer(myFolder);

//Creating server with specified port
myServer = new SimpleHTTPServer(myFolder, 8084);

//Now it is running:
Console.WriteLine("Server is running on this port: " + myServer.Port.ToString());

//Stop method should be called before exit.
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.NET has a class for exactly that - see

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That's a wheel that has been invented many times. It's actually a pretty good approach to learning network and socket programming primarily because it's relatively simple and has been done so many times that there are bound to be resources available on it.

There's a pretty comprehensive example here.

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Thanks. Just what I needed. – Staypa Jul 30 '11 at 13:35

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