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I making some project, and I would like to make it Open Source when I hit some milestone. My question is not technical: how can I make some code Open Source, say GPL, license.

I like Google Code but I was wondering, is it enough to just "create" a project, upload code, on Google Code? How about licensing and license abuse? Is there some institution where you register your OS project or trademark? For instance, if in some point in time abuse occurs, what happens then, do I (as creator) need to file some lawsuit or what.

Any help is more then welcome because I would really like to understand how Open Source projects works.

P.S. Is there matters which hosting service I chose? E.g. Google Code, Sourceforge, GitHub, ...

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The usual practice is to write a brief copyright and licence notice a the beginning of each file, and/or have a well-visible LICENSE file in the project's root.

There is no central authority where you have to register, the license is declared in the work itself. Trademarks have, in and of itself, nothing to do with copyright and are country-dependent. (Patents have nothing to do with copyright either, for that matter -- if you happen to live in the US.)

For license infringement, there is GPL violations page (for GPL-license project only), which could perpahs help you in such a case; I think though it would only work if it had a sufficient significance in the open-source world. Otherwise, you're on your own defending your rights as usual in your legal system (good luck).

For hosting service, I think it does not matter, especially if your project is not very big (I personally use Launchpad). Most people decide based on support for their favorite VCS (gid, hg, bazaar, svn), there is a comparison at wikipedia.

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I would advise you to use GitHub. It's very good - you can learn all about it here.

GitHub is for version control. A lot of open source software projects, plugins and libraries like Ruby on Rails and jQuery use it. You can create private repositories or public ones, and you can also open an organisational account.

As for a license, it totally depends on what you want. There's a list of licences by the GNU here.

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