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Thanks everyone adding the name to the select tag did the trick.

but now the value that is sent trough the post method is something like this

$_document =                   Andres

with lots of blank spaces and i wish to obtain something clean like


Any ideas?

I'm having troubles with a variable that needs to be sent through POST method. Heres the code:

   <label>Nombre</label><input type="text" id="_name" name="_name" value="<?=$_name?>" class="name" />
   <label>URL</label><input type="text" id="_permalink" name="_permalink" value="<?=$_permalink?>" class="name" />
   <label>Fecha</label><input type="text" id="_date" name="_date" value="<?=date_to_javascript_short($_date)?>" />
   <input type="checkbox" id="_featured" value="s" name="_featured" class="checkbox" <?= $_featured == "s" ? "checked='checked'" : "" ?> /><label for="_featured" class="checkbox">Marcar como relevante</label>


      <?  $document = process_all("SELECT _document_name FROM _document WHERE _owner = 'Marco Regulatorio' ORDER BY _document_name ");
      if($document) {
       foreach ($document as $item) {
         echo "<option id='_document' value=' ";?>
         <?echo "'>";
         echo "$item[_document_name] </option>";        

The $_name, $_permalink and other variables are sent correctly using the post method the one that gives the problem is the one in the select tag, the $_document variable, first to explain is that I get the content for the options tag using a DB, then I set the options that will show using PHP for it but I really don't get why wont it send the $_document variable using the post method.

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The select doesn't have a name to be sent as.

Just add a name attribute to the select tag and try.

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Give the select tag the name "_document" the way you named the input "_name".

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By the way, you should not give all options the same value for the id property. The id should be unique throughout the HTML document. –  Jens Struwe Jul 30 '11 at 14:22
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