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I'm using a fairly simple command to try to delete rows in a SQLite database. However, after successfully running the command, the rows remain in the DB!?

SQLiteDatabase dbinst = mydb.getWritableDatabase();

  int del = dbinst.delete("sms", "wassent = ? or waserror = ? or wasaborted = ?", new String[] {"1", "1", "1"} );   
  clog.debug("Rows deleted: " + del);
catch(Exception e)


The logger says "rows deleted: 3", and no exception arises. However, when doing a query immediately afterwards, the rows are still there?

Any obvious thing I'm doing wrong here?

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Have you solved this ? –  Andrew Apr 8 '13 at 12:48
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You have to call endTransaction to actually commit the changes. More info can be found here: beginTransaction() documentation

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