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From PHP function

openssl_public_encrypt ( string $data , string &$crypted , mixed $key )

does it work only with .pem for the $key? or we can use .cer or .crt?

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I've got the answer, .cer is also work. –  Carry All Jul 30 '11 at 16:23
You should answer the question by clicking "Post Your Answer", not leaving a comment. Even if you asked the question. You should also talk about what's inside your .cer, .pem and .crt files. The extension does not tell you that. You could put a key in a file named .exe, that doesn't make it an executable. –  Dan Grossman Aug 7 '11 at 23:36

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It seems that your title is wrong because openssl_public_encrypt encrypts data with a public key, not with a private key. However, here is a list with common filename extensions for X.509 certificates are:

.pem               (Privacy Enhanced Mail) Base64 encoded DER certificate
                   enclosed between "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and
                   "-----END CERTIFICATE-----"

.cer, .crt, .der   usually in binary DER form, but Base64-encoded certificates are
                   common too (see .pem above)

.p7b, .p7c         PKCS#7 SignedData structure without data, just certificate(s)
                   or CRL(s)

.p12               PKCS#12, may contain certificate(s) (public) and private keys
                   (password protected)

.pfx               PFX, predecessor of PKCS#12 (usually contains data in PKCS#12
                   format, e.g., with PFX files generated in IIS)
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