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When I try to use fabric, it gives me a remote shell after I authenticate. Then when I exit, the fabric task runs. Why is this?

Here's the output I received:

user@locahost:~$ fab -H remote_host mytask
[remote_host] Executing task 'mytask'
[remote_host] run: python --version
[remote_host] Login password: 
[remote_host] out: user@remote_host:~>exit
[remote_host] out: exit
[remote_host] out: Could not open a connection to your authentication agent.
[remote_host] out: Python 2.6.4
[remote_host] out: 

Disconnecting from remote_host... done.

Right after I log in , I receive the following prompt user@remote_host:~> which I have to exit manually.

The contents of

from fabric.api import run

def mytask():
    run("python --version")

I'm using fabric version 1.2, by the way.

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Could not open a connection to your authentication agent. tells me it's looking for ssh-agent or somesuch. Take a look at the .login/.profile/.bash_profile of the host you're connecting to for issues. Also, try initiating an SSH conneection manually and see if that gives any hints.

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