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What method is best used when creating a login script. Should cookies or sessions be used for authentication? Cheers

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First of all, not that, in PHP, sessions generally rely on cookies to pass the session identifier from page to page.

Still, in any case :

  • With cookies, everything is stored on the client's side, and goes on the network for each page -- and can be :
    • modified by the user
    • sniffed by anyone, if not using HTTPS
  • With sessions, everything (except the session identifier, of course) is stored on the server -- which means it can only be modified by your code, and not by the user, who doesn't even see what's there.
  • Cookies have a small maximum size

So, generally speaking, using sessions is often quite a good idea, when it comes to storing some kind of user-data.

Note, though, that sessions don't have a long lifetime : if the user doesn't navigate on your website for more than a couple of minutes (half an hour, maybe ; depends on your server's coonfiguration), his sessions will expire.

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I would say sessions. Cookies rely on the user having cookies enabled, and personally I find sessions easier to work with.

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