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I want to design a secure login/registration API for my webapp for use only with the iPhone app I am writing. My app is written using ruby on rails and the login/registration functions are in place there. Now I need to figure out a way to expose these as APIs, but I want it to be secure: i.e. I don't want to expose a single API key that I use for my iPhone app because I don't want people to have access to that key / to the API at all (at least for now).

So I started reading up on oauth:

I'm not sure what the next steps are though, unfortunately. I'm new at web apps/iPhone apps, and I really don't want to setup an insecure API. how do I go about exposing the API, and are there any tutorials/examples I can work off of potentially?


Note: I want to clarify, I need the API to communicate ONLY with our own mobile apps. So I want something secure (reading this, Looking for suggestions for building a secure REST API within Ruby on Rails I want to implement this API key + signing mechanism basically ... but I have no idea how to get started on something like that in ruby-on-rails)

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If your question is How do I prevent other apps/clients from using my REST API, then I'm afraid you can't. You can obscure things but at the end anyone can pretend to be your application and use the API. – aromero Jul 30 '11 at 16:52
it's a really interested question, I'll keep an eye on discussion with pleasure – Anatoly Jul 31 '11 at 10:23
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try RESTKit

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