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I want to change a Datarow value. I want to change DT2[0].ItemArray[3] I tried this code, but it didn't work.

private void Func(DataRow[] DtRowTemp)
    DataRow[] DT2 ;
    DT2 = DtRowTemp; // It work and DTRowTemp value has set to DT2

    // above code don't work
    DT2[0].ItemArray[3] = 3;   // Last Value Was 2 and I want to change this value to 3
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With the ItemArray Property you get or set the ENTIRE array, not a single value.

To do what you want use the Item property:

 DT2[0].Item[3] = 3;

Or shorter as pointed out by shf301 in the comments

 DT2[0][3] = 3;
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Or just DT2[0][3] = 3; –  shf301 Jul 30 '11 at 19:12
@shf301, Indeed. Thanks, I'll add it to the answer. –  Erno de Weerd Jul 30 '11 at 20:13
wow , thank you . it's working –  Masoud Abasian Aug 1 '11 at 23:42
Thanks for your help this is working for me. However it doesn't seem to be saving the set value I give it, how do I do persist the new value? thanks –  Samuroid Jan 4 at 15:02
@Samuroid - What do you mean by persist? Save it in a file or database? –  Erno de Weerd Jan 4 at 15:19

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