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I have been looking around to find an answer for this question for a while. I have seen this link http://blogs.navicat.com/?p=26 , but it does not make sense to me(Specially ntunnel_mysql.php, I don't know what this is). Anybody have done this before?

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You need to 1) Allow Direct Database Access 2) Click on edit settings in your DB list and you will find your hostname: (it is different than your website url.!!)

( I couldn't get the PHP tunneling to work either)

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You don't necessary need to use any script to do that. That's quite easy: on your Hosting Control Center navigate to Databases->MySQL->Create database and set "Allow Direct Database Access" to yes. So now you can access your tables from any IP. But recognize that these databases are much less secure than regular databases. No matter if you use a tunnel script or not.

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