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I have question how i can bind datagrid column to collection?

 dataGrid1.Columns.Add(new DataGridTemplateColumn { Header="d", Binding = "RoomNumber"}); 

binding does not exsists what can i use to bind?

it work perfectly but i need to bind it with code behind

 <DataGridTextColumn Header="Room Number" Binding="{Binding RoomNumber}"/>
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As far as i understand you want to add data grid column from code behind and that column should work with binding..?

here is sample snippet to add datagrid column from code behind

 var col = new DataGridTextColumn();
            col.Header = "d";
            col.Binding = new Binding("RoomNumber");

With this approach you can add as many columns as you want and you can give data binding at run time for each column and you can specify itemssource at once....

make sure to mark AutoGenerateColumns="False" in your data grid so that you can avoid unwanted columns get added from itemssource..

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The answer from bathineni (and others) is essentially correct, so long as, at some point you have set the ItemsSource property of the DataGrid to your collection.

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There is no way to bind a single column with a collection. You will have to bind whole DataGrid with an itemssource which can be a collection or anything and then you will bind each column with some part of that collection

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Column.Binding = new Binding("RoomNumber"); – Haris Hasan Jul 30 '11 at 20:53

Use itemssourceproperty of the datagrid to bind to a collection.


Example in xaml:

<DataGrid ItemsSource="{Binding Path=Tracks, IsAsync=True}" AutoGenerateColumns="False" >
            <DataGridTextColumn Header="Song" Width="*" Binding="{Binding Name}" />
            <DataGridTextColumn Header="Artist"  Width="*" Binding="{Binding Artist}" />
            <DataGridTextColumn Header="Album" Width="*" Binding="{Binding Album}" />

example in code behind:

dataGrid1.ItemsSource = tracks;
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thanks for replay. So i cant bind one by one datagrid columns to collection from code behind? – Irakli Lekishvili Jul 30 '11 at 20:33

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