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Has anyone implemented deferred rendering/shading under OpenGL ES 2.0? It doesn't support MRTs, so with only one color buffer, it's not something that can be implemented in the "usual" manner.

Specifically, I'm exploring on iPad, iPhone4 (maaaybe iPhone 3gs), and Android. On the GLESView app on iPad/iPhone4/iPhone3gs, the GL_OES_RGB8_RGBA8 extension is present, and I haven't looked too deeply yet, but with 8bits/channel, this idea is interesting: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/562138-opengl-es-20-and-deferred-shading/

Any other ideas? Is it even worth doing, performance-wise?

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although there is the GL_ARB_draw_buffers extension available on some Android devices (and therefore rendering to multiple buffers is possible), the answer is "No" (with a possible exception of some "me draw 50 milion polygons" rasterizer bound scenarios).

It is because the GPUs used on these devices do have very weak pixel shaders and therefore doing a fullscreen pass with some complicated shader is pretty much out of the question. You better stick to the old days' demoscene tricks which were used before programmable shading became mainstream.

Whatever you can move to vertex shader, do it (eg. effects like fullscreen deformations are better off using mesh deformed in vertex shader, rather than offsetting texcoords in fragment shader).

Whatever you can solve using geometry (eg. rendering a skybox made of an actual box will be faster than rendering fullscreen quad and calculating view directions for texture sampling in shader), do it.

Well, the only thing we can do, is to hope for new devices with stronger pixel shaders to become available. I hope it's not too much of a depressing answer :) of course, you can try to implement deferred shading on Android, but it will likely be slow.

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