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I'm struggling with creating model functions for Mongoose models. I define a method here:

Schema.listingSchema.method('applyPrice', function() {
  this.price = priceFromString(this.title);

and I access it here:

var listing = new Listing();

// assign all relevant data
listing.title = title;

// pull the price out of the title and description


Listing = mongoose.model('Listing', Schema.listingSchema);

and I receive the error:

TypeError: Object #<model> has no method 'applyPrice'

Can anyone see the issue?

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How are you defining your schema? Usually you would do something like this:

var listingSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
  title: String
listingSchema.method('applyPrice', function() {
  this.price = priceFromString(this.title);

mongoose.model('Listing', listingSchema);
var Listing = mongoose.model('Listing');

var listing = new Listing({ title: 'Title' });
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Yes, that is how I define the schema, though it's in a separate file, hence Schema.listingSchema. My models have been working great for a while, until trying to add the middleware function. I added another line to initialize the schema separately from the Listing definition, still getting the same error. Do you see a difference between what I'm doing and what you've got there? –  FrederickCook Jul 31 '11 at 2:36
Did you ever solve this? I'm having a very similar issue where I can't access model functions when they are put in a separate file. –  Jorre Nov 15 '13 at 12:56

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