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Is there a tool that takes as input a series of vertices and edges, and outputs a graph in ASCII/Unicode format?

Thanks, Kevin

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Yes! Perl has Graph::Easy, as described in this Hacker News comment.

Here's some output from the online demo:

........     +---------+     +-----+
: Bonn : --> | Berlin  | ..> | Ulm |
:......:     +---------+     +-----+
               H train
             | Koblenz |
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I might recommend graphviz -- I don't know if it has an ascii-art output, but it does support a heap of other useful formats, and perhaps you can find a converter to ascii art from one of those formats.

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In addition to Graph::Easy mentioned by @nibot, there are a couple of other tools around for this:

(Disclaimer: I'm the developer of the latter).

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yes, Its called unix directories and the 'tree' cmd.

Output example:

├── colors
│   ├── green
│   └── nongreen
└── person
    └── type
        ├── alien
        │   └── colors -> db/colors
        ├── female
        │   └── colors -> db/colors
        └── male
            └── colors -> db/colors
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