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The sketch of what I am trying to do is below

  def printcsv(args: String*) {
    val line = for (arg <- args) {???}

I would like

printcsv("Hello", "to", "world")

To print


I could do this was a lot of imperative contortion however I'm struggling with an elegant solution. It's important to store in val and not simply print directly to the console.

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Is that what you're looking for?

scala> val args = List("Hello","to","world")
args: List[java.lang.String] = List(Hello, to, world)

scala> val csv = args.mkString(",")
csv: String = Hello,to,world

scala> print(csv)

If you need quotes in result, you can do something like this before mkString:

res14: List[java.lang.String] = List("Hello", "to", "world")
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If you want it in quotes, use the three-argument version of mkString to do it in one step. No need for a separate map:

scala> def printcsv(args:String*) = args.mkString("\"","\",\"","\"")
printcsv: (args: String*)String

scala> printcsv("hello", "to", "world")
res0: String = "hello","to","world"
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Simple, just use the mkString method:

scala> def printcsv(args:String*) = args.mkString(",")
printcsv: (args: String*)String

scala> printcsv("hello", "to", "world")
res0: String = hello,to,world

And if you need any transformations beforehand, you can use the map method as om-nom-nom mentioned.

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