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I have a very strange problem. I have a Fedora 14 installed on a Virtualbox machine and I use it as a working copy server on my Windows 7 host.

It has a webserver installed (first Apache, then I changed to lighttpd to see if ot solves the problem) and I am editing files on a shared folder, and then load them in the W7 host via the webserver.

The weird thing is, that there is some kind of caching issue, because whenever I edit a static file, the older version is served, except that is is cropped to the size of the new file, of it the new file got bigger, it is padded with 0 bytes to have the size of the new.

I tried to change webservers, disable caching, everything, it just does not work (even in different browsers). When I open the files on the Linux server, they look all right.

Do you have any clue what this could be?

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Finally turned out to be a known issue with the sendfile support of both Apache and Lighttpd.

It can be fixed with

EnableSendfile off

...on Apache and = "writev"

...on Lighttpd.

Both worked.

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I'm having pretty much the same problem, but not with Apache. I don't suppose you have any ideas?… –  Cam Jackson Jul 4 '13 at 2:01

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