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I'm using the code below within a loop. It works so long as I'm not using IE.

var remove = document.createElement("input");
remove.type = "button";
remove.value = "x";
if (remove.addEventListener) { 
remove.addEventListener("click", (function(item_id) { return function() { remove_from_cart(item_id); } })(item_id), false);
} else {
remove.attachEvent("click", (function(item_id) { return function() { remove_from_cart(item_id); } })(item_id));
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IE needs to have the on when describing the event so this is what you need.

remove.attachEvent("onclick", (function(item_id) { return function() { remove_from_cart(item_id); } })(item_id));
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that worked, thanks. –  rollsRLS8822 Jul 31 '11 at 1:15

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