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I started working with Devise. Quite an awesome gem. Reading through a neat exchange I was able to do a lot of interesting message customization.

NOW though, I'm running into an intriguing issue with customizing error messages based on noun gender for I18N purposes. Here, I have an error message containing %{resource}, where resource will sub in my model name (user). In French, the word coming before the %{resource} will vary depending on gender. Is there a way for me to branch out to a particular error message based on the %{resource} gender?

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Would be helpful to see the custom code you're currently using for the error messages. – M. Cypher Jul 31 '11 at 8:56
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You can customize the human-readable model name by implementing the model_name instance method in your user model.

The model_name method has to return an object of type ActiveModel::Name

You can customize this object to fit your i18n needs.

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