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I'm trying to use a sprite to show an image, but nothing appears, just white space.This is in an ASP.NET program.

This is just the first image here, located at 0,0 in the sprite.

The image declaration:

<asp:Image CssClass="sprite-ImageAccess" ID="Image4" runat="server"/> &nbsp;Image 1<br />

In Page_Load, I set its ImageURL to a one pixel transparent gif:

Image4.ImageUrl = "";

For the CSS class I have:

.sprite-ImageAccess {  
    background: url("images/SpriteImages.png") no-repeat top left; 
    background-position:  0 0; 
    width: 13px; 
    height: 13px;

My images are horizontal with each being 13 pixes wide.

All I get is white where the background image should show?

Any ideas? Maybe my gif is not really transparent?

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What is the element with the .sprite-ImageAccess class? If it's the img tag itself, I don't think you can set the background of images. In that case, use another element (like the an a or div element) to attach the background colour to. – Jeremy Roman Jul 31 '11 at 5:08
I tried just a plan div. Same thing, no image. In the w3schools example, they use an <img> with the src set to a 1x1 transparent gif: – BrianK Aug 1 '11 at 19:59

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