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i am getting this error

Unexpected error encountered while preparing for the operation. 

and in the detail window

Unexpected error encountered while preparing for the operation.
null argument:

when i am try to update from this site http://mantis.faratasystems.com/downloads/update/site.xml

i am running eclipse 3.4.1 and flex builder as a plugin how can i correct this error and install this plugin (Fx2Ant)

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For me, the new plugin installer "p2" gets often into an inconsistent state. My solution is to have three Eclipse installs: A work installation, a template and one "install". When I need to install some plugin, I delete the "install", copy it fresh from "template" and then do the install in there.

After the install, I copy the new files under "plugins" and "features" to my work installation into the directory eclipse/dropins/ + name of the plugin. See my blog for details.

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not sound so great but i am new in eclipse maybe this is the way to go?? –  Shvilam Mar 27 '09 at 9:12
Yeah, sorry. IMHO, p2 was really not mature enough when it was spread all over the world. –  Aaron Digulla Mar 27 '09 at 9:30
Fortunately, P2 works much better in Eclipse 3.5. –  Peter Štibraný Jul 22 '09 at 12:26

Helpful as @Aaron's suggestion is, it is a bit tedious. I tried it out. In my case the copied plugins just wouldn't show up in the UI. Correcting the file permissions didn't help either and I gave up. Frustrated, I looked around for other resolutions to this bug and found one on the Eclipse wiki that can help you replace p2 with the original Update manager in Ganymede. I tried it out and it works. There is also an automated script available for download that does the same. I think this is a good solution till the issues with p2 get resolved.

You can read more about how to do this here.

Note: Works only for 3.4.x. It says that it will not work with 3.5 since p2 is tightly coupled with other components of 3.5.

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