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My coldfusion app allows users to post a comment as with any typical blog. I want to give the users the option to autoshare their comments on their favourite social networking sites (at least Twitter). Ideally, I want to create something like YouTube Account Sharing.

I've spent several hours looking at twitter documentation. I get how to set up a simple tweet button for real-time tweeting. But, if I wanted to run a scheduled task during off-peak times to upload subscribers' comments to their specified networks, surely this would require storing some type of twitter credentials for each user in a database for later authentication. If anyone has done something similar, I would appreciate a shove in the right direction.

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I think you need to take a look a OAuth for Twitter and their REST API.

Essentially you will need to store Twitter access tokens with your application and use it to post tweets on behalf of a user, using the REST API call.

Hope that helps.

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