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Hi can anybody please help me in this. I want to display all the months from a given specific date.

for Eg: given date is: 15-Mar-2011 Output should be: Mar/2011,Apr/2011 .... Feb/2012

How can i acheive the above in groovy?

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display all months until? feb 2012? –  Ant's Jul 31 '11 at 9:56

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You can use Groovy's TimeCategory to write sth. like myDate + 3.months. The following code creates the list you wanted:

use (groovy.time.TimeCategory) {
    Date date = Date.parse("dd-MMM-yyyy", "15-Mar-2011")

    def months = (0..11).collect { 
        (date + it.months).format("MMM/yyyy") 
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