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I am just guessing but would like some commentary about how to set my own ruby script loader rather than just letting the runtime take file paths.

I have not tried to load scripts, but from reading it would appear the "script path" that is searched is ...

ScriptingContainer {

 * Changes a list of load paths Ruby scripts/libraries. The default value
 * is an empty array. If no paths is given, the list is created from
 * java.class.path System property. This value can be set by
 * org.jruby.embed.class.path System property, also.
 * Call this method before you use put/get, runScriptlet, and parse methods so that
 * the given paths will be used.
 * @since JRuby 1.5.0.
 * @param paths a new list of load paths.
public void setLoadPaths(List<String> paths) {

My understanding is the runtime expects file paths, i would like the ability to load scripts from my own provider such as a Apache commons Virtual FileSystem.

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Could you elaborate? –  Rob Jul 31 '11 at 23:41

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