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msgpack seems to be an extremely fast, if extremely new format for data serialisation. Does it have a recognised MIME type yet? If not, what should be used in the interim?

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According to a quick Google the overwhelming answer is application/x-msgpack. However, I can't find an authorative source.

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And according to an overwhelmingly quick Google search, this is now the first result, so thank you! – Ben Kreeger Aug 15 '13 at 23:16

From Wikipedia : According to RFC 6838 (published in January 2013 :, any use of types in the "x." tree is strongly discouraged. Media types with names beginning with "x-" are no longer considered to be members of this tree since January 2013.

Then use directly application/msgpack

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application/x-msgpack is probably the correct MIME header, however a small caution to future readers: relying on a MIME type for anything beyond high-level information is dangerous (at best) because the structure and meaning of the message is dynamic in nature.

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