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Is it possible to return a map instead of a List from a custom JPA Query?

I know if is possible from the Entities themselves. In my case I have a custom query which returns some stats across different tables for a range of dates.

Ideally I would like the returned map to have the date as key and the stat as value.

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You'll just have to create and populate the map by yourself:

List<Object[]> rows = query.list();
Map<Date, Integer> statsPerDate = new HashMap<Date, Integer>(rows.size());
for (Object[] row : rows) {
    Date date = (Date) row[0];
    Integer stat = (Integer) row[1];
    statsPerDate.put(date, stat);
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That's what I gathered. I was hoping there might be a clever way to avoid the overhead. Tx. –  emt14 Jul 31 '11 at 12:22

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