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I'm trying to create a draggable div (constrained to the x axis) using JQuery that will reset to it's original position when dragged. This is what I have so far but the animate function won't work, I've tried replacing ui.draggable with ui.animate with no luck.

Here's what I have written, I'd appreciate whatever help you can give!

$( '.selectedResult' ).draggable({
start: function(event, ui){
    startPosition = ui.position.left;
stop: function(event, ui){
    var move = startPosition - ui.position.left;

    if(move > 0){
        move = '+=' + move;
        move = -move;
        move = '-=' + move;

    $(ui.draggable).animate({'left': move}, 'slow');
axis: 'x'                                       
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All is ok except $(ui.draggable).animate({'left': move}, 'slow');. Replace it with

$(ui.helper).animate({'left': move}, 'slow');
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Cheers, I found that $(event.target) works as well. –  Hairball Aug 2 '11 at 11:35

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