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I have a file in PyCharm and its used to be just a text file. Now I wanted to use reStructuredText.

I remember that when i open a file without an ending for the first time it asks me why i want.

Can i open up that dialog again somehow, or can I change the association some other way?

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See Settings | File Types.

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i saw that but it doesn't help, my file does have the right ending I changed it to .rst from nothing. But it still doesn't recognize it... –  cwoebker Jul 31 '11 at 17:05
If you remove the present extension from all the file types, then you will get the same dialog again when you try to open a file with unknown file type. –  CrazyCoder Jul 31 '11 at 18:19
alright, tahnks gonna check that when i am back home –  cwoebker Aug 1 '11 at 6:41
Also, just my opinion, why not associate it with html? –  Jeff Feb 4 at 14:37

Actually, @CrazyCoder is right: If you accidentally mis-labeled the file, PyCharm remembers it and sets a "pattern" for the new file based on the name.

So go to Settings | File Types, find the type you accidentally mislabeled and remove it from the "Registered Patterns" list.

For example, I mislabed "osm.py" as text file, so under "Text files" I have:


Remove it and you get your py file colors back!

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this was a nasty one –  Palmstrom Feb 25 at 15:47
This is the right answer. –  duozmo Mar 22 at 20:18

I was having the same problem and noticed that if I 'Invalidate Caches' under the File menu I was able to trigger a re-asking of the file type.

Definitely not ideal.

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