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What is the difference between thread, workerthread and timer? If I want to run a thread with in a timer thread is it possible?

I ran a infinite loop to pickup memory usage of any application from WMI using query and using thread to decrease cpu usage for that. But it did not get better cpu usage (in fact it got worse). How can I make it better?

I need to be able to display memory and CPU usage so that they match what is reported by the task manager.

My present code is

public class FProcessClass extends Thread {

     * List the services currently running on the host computer.
     * @param args

 //   @SuppressWarnings("static-access")
    public void run() {
  // void FProcess() {

        String ss = null;
        String host = "localhost"; //Technically you should be able to connect to other hosts, but it takes setup
        String connectStr = String.format("winmgmts:\\\\%s\\root\\CIMV2", host);
        //String query = "SELECT * FROM Win32_Service WHERE started = 1"; //Started = 1 means the service is running.
        String query1 = "SELECT WorkingSetSize FROM Win32_Process where Name='notepad.exe'";
        ActiveXComponent axWMI1 = new ActiveXComponent(connectStr);
        Variant vCollection1 = axWMI1.invoke("ExecQuery", new Variant(query1));
        //Our result is a collection, so we need to work though the.
        EnumVariant enumVariant1 = new EnumVariant(vCollection1.toDispatch());
        Dispatch item1 = null;

        //while (enumVariant1.hasMoreElements()) {
            item1 = enumVariant1.nextElement().toDispatch();
            ss = Dispatch.call(item1,"WorkingSetSize").toString();

            //System.out.printf("[%5d] %-25s:\t%s\n", servicePID, serviceName, servicePath);
            System.out.println("     ");
            String s2 = null;
            s2 = ss;
            System.out.println("Running thread"+Thread.currentThread().getName());


          catch(Exception e){



 // }

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That's not even close to enough information to tell you how to do something "better". You haven't even explained what you mean by "thread", "workerthread", and "timer". Be more specific, or you're not going to get any useful answers. –  Ryan Stewart Jul 31 '11 at 14:52

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